6 – The Villas of Montagnola senese

The excursion will bring us to discover two majestic buildings of the Montagnola: the Villa of Cetinale and the Villa of S.Colomba. The first one is a seventeenth-century villa surrounded by stunning spots: the Romitorio and the Tebaide Park, in which art, nature and religion melt in a fascinating scenario.
Fabio Chigi, who later become Pope Alessandro VII, used to visit these places to have a rest or to retreat for his studies, when he was young.
The second villa we are finding through the route is the Villa of S.Colomba, built by Peruzzi. It has had different uses through the centuries, but still stands above Pian del Lago.

Duration: 3 hours (on demand you can have lunch at “Solo per passione” tavern in S. Colomba).

Difficulty Level: Basic Excursion


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