About Me

Hello, I’m Laura Ulivieri, born and raised in S.Colomba, a small town on Montagnola Senese slope.

This land and its woods are full of trails, beaten in centuries by farmers, sharecroppers, knights and pilgrims.

I have a degree in Archaeology, this allowed me to learn to develop the art of discovery and interpretation of what surrounds us.

There are treasures that stand outside museums’ cases, that have not explanation written in plates, that rarely go under restoration works. They are history pieces, surrounded by nature, touched by unconventional paths, anchored to the ground by vegetation that overlooks and protects them, as if it was jealous of their worth.
I always loved to travel and curiously observe; my passion for discoveries and promotion of territory brought me to become an Hiking Guide. I’m qualified for this job under LR n°42/2000 and I’m an AGAT (Tuscany Hiking Guides Association) associate.
This is what the law says about Hiking Guides professional profile: “The Hiking Guide professionally accompanies single persons or groups, ensuring the necessary technical assistance, visiting natural environments ( even with traces of human presence), ecological museums to show features, ecological links, history and cultural traditions bond, the attractive landscape and to give also environmental education basics.”
Hiking, touring on foot represent for me a way to discover again , to describe the land, to live every single aspect of the territory: nature, history and culture, because first of all the environment is the product of the human-nature continuous connection and there is only a way to preserve it, knowing its worth completely.
I intend to be a magnifying lens on the environment where we live, a guide towards known and unknown places, a new travel mate because “Happiness is real only when shared” (Christopher Johnson McCandless quote)…so, let’s start the hike…