11 – S. Colomba, the disappeared Lake and the Eremo di S. Leonardo

The itinerary has a great archeological and religious appeal: from Fungaia, gently going up-and-down, the path runs through S.Colomba and S.Leonardo al Lago, important medieval hermitage which presents several frescoes decorating inside walls of the Church.
S.Leonardo al Lago in XII century was inhabited by a religious community, it was placed in a deep wood (Silva Lacus), standing on the shores of an ancient lake.
In a short time we get to the entrance of Granduca’s Tunnel, an important underground drain built by will of Granduca Leopoldo in occasion of the recovery of the swampy Pian del Lago. The itinerary will finally lead us again to the village of S.Colomba.

Duration: 3.30 hours

Difficulty Level: Basic Excursion


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